3x-6x reduction in compute costs and planet-scale autoscaling for training and serving LLM-MLLM workloads via a multi-cloud, multi-accelerator solution.

Universal Compute Infrastructure for Generative AI.

OpenAI, HuggingFace and PyTorch API Compatible

No Lock-ins

50+ Accelerators

14+ Clouds

100+ Data Centers

What is Universal Compute AI Infrastructure?


Each individual component creates a lock-in, which increases cost and limits scalability.

Types of AI services and algorithms

ScaleGenAI Universal Compute AI Infrastructure

UCAI abstracts all these complex configurations behind a , OpenAI, HuggingFace and PyTorch Compatible API in a service-agnostic way, allowing you to build Generative AI applications that are scalable and reliable.

Architecture of Universal Compute AI Infrastructure

Advantages of Universal Compute AI Infrastructure.


Ability to spin-up 500+ GPUs in under 2 minutes. Ensure infinite scaling with access to 14+ cloud providers and 100+ data centers.


Guaranteed SLAs and provisioned throughput for your generative AI deployments.


Cloud and geography-based filters for GPU provisioning, adhering to strict data jurisdiction requirements.


Orchestration engine that provisions the cheapest compute across the ScaleGenAI Partner Compute Network allowing you 3x-6x cost reduction.

H100s at $ 1.49/hr

A100s at $ 0.99/hr

Never Seen Before GPU Prices.

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