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Open-source models, your data, your private compute. Ready to launch!

Single Tenant



Run Open-Source LLMs Privately at Scale and 3x-6x Lower Cost.


LLMs where Performance, Security and Reliability MATTERS!

ScaleGenAI’s rapid elastic auto-scaling ensures LLM deployments dynamically adjust to demand, delivering guaranteed SLAs and reliability.

Deploy on-premise or on your cloud VPCs—without shared infrastructure issues, rate limiting, or compliance concerns, maintaining full data and model ownership.

Open Model Support.

Seamlessly deploy leading open-source models like Llama2 and Mistral, tuned to your requirements.

Types of Open-Source Models

Features & Automation

LLM Fine-tuning and Deployment

Automated and Simplified.

>_ Inference.

Deploy your models with a single CLI command, with highly performant and cost optimized ScaleGenAI Inference Engine.

>_ Fine-Tuning.

Fine-tune popular open-source model on your data to fit your use case.

/Cut Compute Costs by 3x-6x.

Spot Instance Failover

Seamlessly supports spot-instances that are 50-90% cheaper, using our fault tolerant engine.


Supports scaling down to zero in no-requests scenarios, optimizing cost further.

Heterogeneous GPU Cluster

Utilizes a mix of GPU types for cost-efficient computing power.

Get Compute Capacity from

Multiple Clouds

Offers secure support across various cloud platforms, including tier-2 and tier-3 clouds, for enhanced flexibility and cost savings.

No Over-provisioning

Eliminates the need for excess capacity. Dynamically scale and only pay for what you use.

/Scalability and Guaranteed SLAs.

Elastic Auto-Scaling

Automatically adjusts computing resources based on latency and throughput needs– no rate-limiting or throughput-limiting.

Rapid Scaling

Enables scaling up in <1 minute, ensuring quick response to demand spikes.

Cross-Environment Scaling

Allows a single job to expand across multiple clouds and on-premise machines, offering unparalleled flexibility and resource utilization.

/Easy Integrations.

HuggingFace Models Support

Offers comprehensive support for all models on HuggingFace, ensuring versatility in AI model deployment.

Easy to integrate with OpenAI, HuggingFace and built on top of LangChain, Llama Index

Private LLM, Single Tenancy

Allows users to easily switch from shared to private LLMs, enhancing data privacy and control.

OpenAI SDK Compatibility

Ensures easy integration for those already using OpenAI's tools, providing a seamless transition.

Stream data directly from your data sources to the computation units. No data leaks. E2E encrypted pipelines.

ScaleGenAI Data Streaming Engine.

Maintain absolute ownership of your models and data, unlike shared LLM services where multiple users operate on the same model.

Data and Model Ownership.

Stay compliant and secure with ScaleGenAI.

Privately deploy LLMs into your secure environment, ensuring your sensitive information remains within your domain.

On-Premise and VPC Support.

Exercise exclusive control over internet access to your LLMs, safeguarding your digital boundaries.

Advanced API Gateway Management.

Security & Privacy

Security-Centric Single-Tenant Solution For Enterprises.

ScaleGenAI enables enterprises to fine-tune and deploy open LLMs like Llama2 and Mistral on their proprietary data, on their dedicated infrastructure, eliminating the risks of shared storage or computational resources.

the New Home For Generative AI Apps.

AI moves fast, and ScaleGenAI helps you move faster.

Connect your infrastructure and one-click-deploy any model at scale!


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